Frequently Asked Questions

e-DAMS ( Electronic Development Applications Management System) is an online platform where development applications can be lodged, received, invoiced processed and approved.

Only registered professionals can lodge development applications. These include Engineers, Planners and Architects.

Architects, physical planners and engineers can register themselves into the system and vetting is done by the department in order to permit them access the system’s functionality.

Architects can upload their building proposals online without having to present themselves physically at the Sub County offices.

One can log into the system and view the status of their submitted building proposals. The system also notifies the applicants via SMS and email once the proposals complete key milestones in the system. Notifications are also received when actions are pending for the applicant e.g. requests to make payment.

As the application goes through the reviewers, the system sends notifications through SMSs and emails to the applicant informing them which stage the application is. This constant communication to the applicant ensures that he/she is aware of how far the application has been assessed or worked on. If the application is successful the applicant will be notified through SMS, email or both depending on the mode they chose to receive during the registration process

If a circulation is not successful then the application is sent back to the applicant to rectify on the comments that have been attached to the application and the user of the application is notified of its status. After rectification of the comments by the applicant, he sends back the amended application through the system for a second review by the technical reviewers to ascertain that all the comments have been addressed before an approval is granted.

e-DAMS can only permit pdf files

  • Title deed

  • Official search- not exceeding three months

  • Survey map

  • Planning brief

Applications can be circulated either simultaneously or consecutively.

Simultaneous circulation

The Reviewers can access the application and make comments at the same time.

Consecutive circulation

The reviewers can access the application one at a time and in a structured way. The application moves from one reviewer to the next in a sequential manner until it is approved by all the reviewers who are supposed to view the application.

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