User Manuals


Electronic permitting is a set of computer-based tools and services that automate and streamline the
building permit process. An electronic permitting system typically replaces traditional paper and filecard
systems. As a result, the intent of electronic permitting is to reduce permitting time, improve
customer service and staff efficiency, enhance quality, and make operating funds more productive.
The software is built to support the following functions specific to the administration of
development proposals:
 1).Registration of architects, physical planners and engineers into the system – architects, physical planners and
engineers can register themselves into the system and vetting is done by the appropriate institution
in order to permit them to access the system’s functionality.
2).Submission of Development proposals for review and approval – architects, physical planners and engineers can
upload their Development Proposals online without having to present themselves physically at
the County offices.
3). Digital Payments – Applicants can be able to pay using digital money using County Pro a payment
platform by Kiambu County. The fees to be charged are automatically generated by the system
according to the prevailing county finance act thus ensuring integrity in accordance with the
stipulated fees.
 4).Monitoring of submitted Development proposals – Applicants can log into the system and view the status
of their submitted building proposals. The system also notifies the
Applicants/Owners/Developers via SMS and email once the proposals complete key milestones
in the system. Notifications are also received when actions are pending for the applicant e.g.
requests to make payment.

For more information please click here to Download user complete user manual in pdf format.